New Project: Pendura

Me and 2 friends, we just start a new project called Pendura. This project started with the idea of our need to search carpool because we are working away from home. Our web search for websites that offer the service or that makes that search easier was not satisfactory soo we thought…let’s make it!! 🙂 … Continue reading

Web Programming languages

I have recently started working with python language for web. I’m using web2py framework for my development. I’m kinda new in python world but since I started my working, 1 month ago, I could see how powerful python is. I’m really enjoying working using python and web2py I recommend everyone to test and try a … Continue reading

Starting my presentation

I’m starting this website/blog to show all my works and professional activities as Computer Engineer. This will include my portfolio and my academic and professional formation. I’m updating and gather all my stuff asap 🙂

Hello world!

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