PHP + Database

Here it is another work that I have made in Database class where was supposed to develop some website to work with one database. The website design is simple because all work was focus on the database connections. There was some difficulties to host this work because it was written under postgres sql database i … Continue reading

Small C Program

In my works search i found a small program that i have made with one colleague in Algorithms and Programming discipline. It was one of the my first programming works and it was writed using the C language. This little program runs under MS-DOS and can make backup of 1 file or directory and it can … Continue reading

Multimedia I Work

The IMOFP website

My first work is hosted and just ready to be acessed!! In the Multimedia I discipline i made one website for the final work. The website was made in html and was built thinking in a space for people that wanna buy and selling your house/apartment. You can check the website in the link: IMOFP … Continue reading

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